Big Reds Bakery

We hope your taste buds enjoy their stay!

About the Chef:

Hello and thank you for your interest in my baked goods! Interestingly enough, culinary pursuits were not the thing I saw myself doing when I first sought a profession. However, that was not for lack of interest. In a house with three growing kids (not to mention at least two friends), the kitchen was always open! Whether it was Sunday morning cinnamon raisin french toast or Sunday night ravioli with my home made tomato sauce, I absolutely loved when all the kids would gather around the table and tell me about their day. Finally, after continual irking from friends and family alike to 'become a chef already,' I decided to put myself through culinary school. Finishing a very proud second in my class, I had found my passion. With all of this new information about ingredients and the ways the operated together and what complemented what, I had what I needed. I decided that I wanted to prepare food in such a way that really leaves you satisfied. I am always less than pleased with commercial goods and how they somehow manage to all taste exactly the same! It is my pleasure to put my diligent time and effort into all of my culinary creations so that each one truly leaves you satiated and content. Enjoy your stay in Big Reds Bakery!